Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Cyprus
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2022

Mirror with this year third record prove beyond measure that they aren’t any average Joe band or something. This statement goes of course for the few distrustful and skeptical stubborn, because the majority has understood their value from the very first moment. Another proof especially for the Greek fans was their recent performance at the Up the Hammers Festival. There you could see that we are talking about a band /gang that breathe Heavy Metal. I think “The Day Bastard Leaders Die” is their finest work without meaning that they deviate sonically from what we were used to. Probably individually but also as a team, hopefully reaching the third disc, feel more confident in their abilities and sound more solid and tight. The album title is a manifesto but fortunately it is much more than that. In a genre that is in saturation, Mirror sound fresh event though they have a completely old school feeling. Everything else is a matter of mentality. They are deeply imbued in values of Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate and they offer 9 tracks of pure and unpretentious Heavy Metal. The production intentionally doesn’t sound modern, so that the traditional feeling is more intense. But the main thing is that they have a way of writing songs that you will immediately like and want to listen to again. “Τhe Day Bastard Leaders Die” is not the album you will listen once, you‘ll find it ok, and move on to the next one. You will definitely hear it again and again because it has the quality and the substance. It is essential listening for all the fans of traditional Heavy Metal.