Genre: Epic/Doom Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Nine Records
Year: 2019

Monasterium are back after three years of studio absence, with “Church of Bones”. Out by Nine Records in May, Monasterium made a tremendous comeback, showing elements of improvement and sound development. For those not familiar with the band, Monasterium come from Cracow, Poland and play epic/doom metal, under the veil of Trouble, Black Sabbath and Candlemass, with lyrics mostly based on occult, witchcraft and necromancy, reassuring us that the dead are full of life. Monasterium’s band members have also been involved with other projects, such as Evangelist, Sorcerer and Sadman Institute, while “Church of Bones” is somehow a tribute to those before-mentioned doom legends. Especially Candlemass, considering the vocal performance and the thick and heavy guitars. The band is also, probably, a big 70’s rock fan and proudly shout it loud in here and there on “Church of Bones”. In conclusion, if you’d love to dive in some catacombs or visit some cemeteries at night, this is the perfect soundtrack for you. Or, if you’re into old-school, classic doom metal. Monasterium have made a great big step after their previous record and they will hopefully grow bigger. P.S.: No fillers available.