Genre: Gothic Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2021

“Blood Moon” marks the debut endeavor by a sincerely promising project based in Thessaloniki, handled by Maria, entitled Moonscar. Moonscar has some high quality content and potential in it, as seen through their first album, so it is more than worthy to see what this project has been all about.

“Blood Moon” moves to paths that originate to the late 90’s. Gothic elements combined with black metal riffs and symphonies is the main recipe, however the aesthetics are primarily influenced by bands such as Cradle of Filth’s prime era, Astarte, Theatres Des Vampires (up to the “Suicide Vampire” album), as well as some early Dimmu Borgir tunes. It’s unfortunately a rare occasion to see women dominating the growls in such genres, but let’s think positive and be ready for much more to come in the near future, either if it’s by Moonscar or other projects. The album contains six songs and it is approximately 35 minutes long. The only thing we should wait now is to see how Moonscar will be able to stand towards the extreme metal audiences in the (near?) future

“Blood Moon” is available through Moonscar’s official Bandcamp page.