Earlier this month Septicflesh and Moonspell embarked on a European tour together to promote their new releases “Titan” and “Extinct”, respectively. Their stop in Belgium was an early date on the calendar, but also the first sold out show of the tour! Thanks to Christos of Septicflesh and our editor-in-chief I was lucky to squeeze into the packed Biebob venue. Gratitude, my friends!

Never having the chance to see them live before, I really looked forward to seeing Septicflesh (probably even more than Moonspell). Their live reputation precedes them, as I indeed witnessed an extremely tight show and Seth conjuring the crowd with his theatrical voice and gestures. The setlist focused a great deal on the latest “Titan”, but you will not hear me complain with the amount of amazing tracks that can be found on that album (review). However, unfortunately also my worst fear for Septicflesh came true… I am truly blown away listening to their albums at home by the great complexity they bring with all the orchestral arrangements in the music. As I feared, this demands that a lot of the music is played from a tape on live shows, something that always disappoints me. It was Septicflesh’ 10th visit already to Belgium. Next time an even bigger show in a bigger venue with a whole live orchestra? Yes, please!

War in Heaven
Order of Dracul
A Great Mass of Death
Pyramid God
The Vampire from Nazareth
Lovecraft’s Death

Despite the warm reactions for Septicflesh it was clear the majority of the audience came out to see Moonspell. Online people were screaming for the concert to be moved to a bigger venue and more available tickets. But the concert remained in the smaller Biebob, offering an up-close meeting with the Portuguese band showcasing their 11th album “Extinct” (review). They have always said they are proud of the new musical direction they have taken and it shows, because they played no less than 8 out of the 10 new tracks on the album. While I was just thinking they must have been inspired by Sisters of Mercy, Fernando openly admitted it was a great source of inspiration for them. The singer was in a good mood and thanked the audiences several times for their long-lasting over the band’s extensive career. Even though the new songs could instill warm reactions from the crowd, it were the older songs that really made the small Biebob explode with cries and people silently rocking to the dark tones of “Vampiria” and “Alma Mater”. Then again, the folky “Ataegina” could evoke a small dance. A striking contrast with the slower but relentless “Wolfshade” and “Full Moon Madness” we received as encore songs.

Breathe (Until We Are No More)
…of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
Scorpion Flower
The Last of Us
Funeral Bloom
The Future Is Dark
Alma Mater
Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
Full Moon Madness