Genre: Death
Country: Italy
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2014

The new Autopsy album was really good but ‘Addiction of Musickal Dissection’, actually, is by far more impressive!

The Italian killing machine called MORBO (with members from Undead Creep, Burial Invocation, Haemophagus and more) is presenting us sick and festering Death metal, the Autopsy, Repulsion and Nihilist/Entombed way. Horror-themed songs of pure brutality are haunting the mind of the listener! ‘Dawn of a Dying Living’, ‘Pagan Seducer’, ‘Abominangel’… each song of the eight the album contains, could easily reminds you of all those things you love and adore in Death metal. The great production and excellent artwork (by Adam Geyer) are also advantages.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this diamond!