Genre: Thrash/Funk Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: M-Theory Audio
Year: 2021

There are so many bands that have been reunited in recent years, that the news for Mordred’s new album didn’t come as a surprise. Besides, in 2014, they had performed in a series of concerts and offered some more tangible samples, with the single “Baroness” in 2015 and the EP “Volition”, in 2020. Keep in mind that the group had disbanded in 1995, since the admittedly mediocre “The Next Room” did not receive the support of their label for a tour at the time, but fortunately they managed to create “Fool’s Game” and “In This Life”, which are now considered underground classics. But let’s see what we’re dealing with today, with “The Dark Parade”. All the features of Mordred’s sound are here. And when we say features, we mean it in the superlative degree, as since the 80’s, they have managed to create a unique sound. Of course, back then all of that sounded more groundbreaking than today. Thrash Metal with a strong Funk element but with scratches as well. All this could make a mess but fortunately they do it with competence and prudence. The main body of the compositions remains metal and the rest of the elements are just the touches that further color their music. The songs on the album are all good and will satisfy their fans. Those who aren’t familiar with their material, let them start with “Fool’s Game” and then listen to “The Dark Parade”. The common mascot that exists on the covers of these 2 records, reminds us that no matter how many years pass, the sound of Mordred, will remain special and recognizable.