Genre: Death / Thrash
Country: Switzerland
Label: Independent
Year: 2014

It’s been a long time since we heard news from Switzerland’s death/thrash scene. In the last days of October, more specifically on 31st October 2014, Mortal Factor released their first full length album independently, even if it is distributed vi Non Stop Music. As a band, they’ve been together for over a decade, although they’ve never released a full length. Historically, they’ve released a promo demo in 2005 and a split record with the Brazilians Hicsos in 2009. Mortal Factor has performed repeatedly in Switzerland and on European soil, while a mini tour with Vendetta is worth – mentioning. They’ve shared the stage with Bulldozer, Entombed, DRI, and Tankard, creating a great fan-base.

We’re talking about a solid record which had the potential to become something big, but somewhere lost its track. We have 10 tracks, moving on fast paces but not exactly the type of death / thrash the claim to play. For me it’s a hybrid of that with rock’n’roll and sometimes more progressive tunes, like on “Moving Among You”. The man’s vocal remind me o Max Cavalera while he scolds his son Zyon, saying “Stop kicking the football in the house, you chimp, you’ll wreck everything.” You know what I mean. Some nice clean solos stand out, like the ones in the intro and outro of “Do Not Be Afraid”. Good job on drums, too, as they were recorded live, without triggers or any other add – ons. “Knives Vs Guns” is a nice surprise in the record, as it is groovier and industrial; different form the previous tracks. The clearness of the bass fits in well with the song. My expectations are reduced as the disc continued playing. We have “Gonna Get Out” which is dry, tasteless. Give a little depth to the track, man, some intensity. Somehow the situation is saved with “Crank it” which speeds up the rhythms and sounds more worked musically. “Whiskey Stream” is the surprise of the evening. We are talking about a little bit more sleazy, little more Motörhead –ish rocking phase, more Hard –rock, laid back kind of track, which frankly I liked it most of all. This style fits them better for me. I will not be disappointed if they start playing like that from now on. The album closes with “Symbols” and “Final Call”, which again spin to more groovy situations, not very fast. Generally it’s not an album – revelation, nor will it carry you away. Although they’ve been together as a band all the years, they do not make inspired music. Something is missing. Fantasy? Will? Skills? I do not know. It’s just lacking guitars that will satisfy you or full sound. They have certainly stated the following: “Simple music for simple people by simple people “. Personally I do not give a damn. If they showed a little bit of guts, they would produce something much better.