Mortal Torment’s new album “Cleaver Redemption”  will be released October 16th, 2015 through Gore House Productions.

Giannis Nakos stated:

“The new album is going to sound a lot heavier, groovier and more brutal at the same time when compared to anything we’ve done before”. We’ve put a lot of work into it and the result is massive!”

Featuring album art by Remedy Art (Keep of Kalessin, The Crown, Uncleansed), Cleaver Redemption was recorded at Bree Studio in Athens, Greece.

Track List is as follows:

1. Epileptic Defecation
2. Tender/Dismember
3. A Million Skulls to Bludgeon
4. Cleaver Redemption
5. Sculpting the Dead
6. Necropitogyron
7. Masturbating the Deranged
8. Whorified
9. Fucked In the Eye Socket And Left to Die
10. Hymn to the Rotten