Genre: AOR/Funky Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Year: 2015

Do you like Glenn Hughes? Joe Lynn Turner? Hughes Turner Project and all the other possible combinations? Maybe you also like Anastacia (this pop diva with the deep black soul voice)? Chaka Khan with Ain’t Nobody? Yes? Then, this album is for you.
Mother’s Finest come from Atlanta and they fall under the milf category…and I’m not talking about just any kind of milf, I’m talking about the hot and bootylicious ones…those who don’t need any plastic surgeon. This is their 15th album and I’m telling you it’s full of energy, catchy rhythms and ready to make love to you. Needless to mention that the voice of Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy, who is now 67 years old!, is the absolute highlight of the album. There are no botox and liftings here, her voice is a pure natural gift. Ah, I forgot to mention that the bass is delivering free viagra prescriptions for all.