Genre: Darkwave/Ambient Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2020

The Hellenic scene never ceases to surprise me, especially when it comes to expose something new to the darker sound, plus if it includes some unique combinations.

One of those amazing creations has to be Mournful Moon’s debut album, “As Shadows Fall Over Zenitheaen”. Mournful Moon managed to create the perfect musical journey to the stars, under the moonlit sky. The darkwave and dungeon synth elements are too strong to create an odd, yet wonderful atmosphere, all mixed up with ambient black metal sounds that add some sort of “vampyric worship of the moon” aethetic, something we haven’t seen being done in the right way for long now. In its’ entirety, “As Shadows Fall Over Zenitheaen” is a tremendously good album that matches perfectly all astral rituals under the darker skies we shall see from now on.

Mournful Moon definitely created one of the best albums of the year, with the best wishes to mark their spot to the extreme music fields, as well as to see them take on the stages in flesh and bone in the future.