Genre: Crossover/Thrash
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2022

Municipal Waste and Dr. Living Dead (R.I.P.) are the best crossover bands of their generation. They have managed to bring to present with success the whole spirit of this scene as when it was created back in the 80’s. Municipal Waste releases consequence something even though their members involve into other projects too. Studio full length, Ep, Split, always they have something new to give to their fans. “Electrified Brain” is the seventh LP album and it’s the first time they have taken so long [5 years] to release one. We know very well what really took place all these years. Fortunately, Municipal Waste continues from where they left off and “Electrified Brain” it’s exactly what you want to hear from the band. Waste and Poulos are delivering excellent riffs, Foresta spits out the words on vocals, Witte gives the general war command with his drumming and Phil aligns all this carnage with his bass. The durations of the songs are appropriate for the genre and each song is a burst of energy. There are small experiments, but everything is on the bands’ specific own terms. For example, in “Paranormal Janitor”, you will find a bit more melodies and a different chorus from what they are used to offer us. Despite their influences, they have built their own sound over the years and this seems to give them great confidence in terms of song writing. Their fans they will once again get what they want and if any unsuspecting person happens to be in their way…beware ‘cause Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!