Genre: Crossover/Thrash/Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2019

If it happens to read Thomas Pynchon’s V you will discover many weird stories with many faces in a hard time that described the hard twentieth century. This book, American to its core, deals with strange and not interconnected facts in a cluster of  of a discharged US navy officer’ fictional stories, who is in the quest for a mysterious entity who he knows as V. The adventures of these two characters are a clear collection of experiences, dreams and desires that get mixed. Their fan trips to Malta, their flashback time travels involving even the atrocities the Germans did to the South Africans in 1904 some years before the Nazis, a pseudo-bohemian group of artists, the Whole Sick Crew, a priest who decides to convert rats, that in his mind will inherit the Earth, into Christianity and hunting alligators in the sewers of New York. Not bad for the weird universe of a genius paranoid. An ode to the pre-Freudian times when people had the luxury of dreams that served their own existence and only that. Namely things that you will not come across in The Last Rager. It is of course American to its core, but for sure not pseudo-bohemian, a classic crossover with guts, raw and raspy sound that in turn is a ten-minute ode to Municipal Waste’s first days. What if they are in the fifth decade of their lives, their drummer in his sixth, regardless the line up changes, the six studio albums and a whole bunch of ΕPs and numerous projects (Cannabis Corpse, BAT, Iron Reagan) that are worth checking, Municipal Waste are obviously in a good moon and seem to have endless inspiration and energy. The EP starts with “Wave of Death”, an instrumental with some gang vocals here and there, a splendid introduction to the recital of frenzy that follows with “Car-Nivore (Street Meat)”, “Rum for Your Life” and the title track “The Last Rager”. This is a very substantial snippet of the next studio album that is awaited in 2020. It has great ideas that are very much entertaining with addictive guitars and tight playing that encompass another great performance by Foresta. And what is the connection between the book and the EP? Maybe that would have been a good intro-preface for Saint Vitus’ V that was released in 1990 and is very much a suggested album, but it is soooo slow, even for doom standards that makes me wanna die only by thinking of listening to it again, imagine if I write about it… In any case The Last Rager is the ideal soundtrack for chasing alligators in the New York sewers and that part of the book came spontaneously in my mind while I was listening to it. The ten minutes that lasts are enough, if the chasing would be more than that, it would mean that someone became lunch for lizards…