Genre: Gothic/ Doom
Country: England
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

My Dying Bride are officially back and the hype couldn’t get higher, considering that they are one of the most beloved pieces that complete the Gothic/ doom metal puzzle. “The Ghost of Orion” was something that people had been expecting for five years, considering the small hiatus the band went on after 2015’s “Feel The Misery”, however it was worth the wait. “The Ghost of Orion” is a warmly welcomed addition to the band’s discography, since it considers every igredient that makes My Dying Bride such an epic band. Misery, sorrow, despair and some really memorable, heavy riffs are the stand-outs for “Ghost of Orion”. They are quite a difficult band for someone to truly understand, while it can take long for someone to get to understand their psychosynthesis as people, as musicians better.. The song structures are a bit monotonous and unvaried, something that oldschoool fans might really understand but not truly enjoy in this one. Their colossal lyrics and incredible vibes that pump out of each song however, heal every wound. “Tired Of Tears” is a monumental song, probably one of the highlights of their grandiose career so far. The slowness, the keyboards and the lyrics make me not want to talk about the rest of the album that much, even though as a whole, is a merely great one. The very first listening session of “Ghost of Orion” hadn’t been a great experience, because the expectations were higher considering it’s the same band that got out the monumental “Turn Loose the Swans” and “As the Flower Withers”, however it is quite easy to get your ears used to it as a really fine addition to My Dying Bride’s thrill.