Genre: Crust/D-beat/Hardcore Punk
Label: Alerta Antifascista Records / Chaos Rural Records / Halvfabrikat Records / Phobia Records / Replenish Records / Svoboda Records
Country: Sweden
Year: 2017

It seems that 2017 is the year of the crust. So many (and good) releases this year, it’s hard to decide what to mention. Wolfbrigade? Ancst? Procrastinate’s debut? Thankfully the genre is not characterized by just a quantity of new albums but by the quality of said albums. Myteri are to be added to that list of names with their new album, their second one, “Ruiner” aka “how to play dark swedish neocrust: a 38 min long lesson of anger and darkness”. I still remember how I felt listening to their self titled debut a few months ago (yeah, it took me almost 2 years to listen to them, guilty as charged). Meaningful violence, reasonable hate and an attempt to wake up a slumbering humanity. “Ruiner” continues from the point they left us with their debut. Their mentality remains the same, that seems impossible, and so does their musical style, without becoming a barren repetition. On the contrary, they are looking forward with this album, stand on the firm base their first release created. The transition between slow, kind of melancholic parts to angrier patterns, a characteristic neo-crust element, is done in a great way, making it impossible for the listener to get bored, no matter how many times it gets listened. Every song is a small diamond but, if I had to choose the best ones (for me) it would be “Ruiner”, Justitiemord” and “Urholkningsprocessen”. Or… who am I kidding? It’s impossible for me to choose just a few songs from an album so good! The only downside (though that is not the correct word to use) is that their lyrics are in Swedish making it impossible for me to understand what they are saying. But with bands like Myteri, music does all the talking, the feelings they are expressing can not be misunderstood, even if we don’t understand the words. The “meaning” of their songs is still there and maybe, just maybe, that’s one of the things that make them such a great band. They don’t have to sing in my language or any other language, they are expressing humanity’s anger against every wrongdoing, making translation something needless.