Here we are 3 days before the end of 2014.Another great year for music is passing and we are eagerly waiting for new things to come!
So, whilst making your new year’s resolutions give some thought on what has happened this last year and let these ten albums to spin your ears.

Pharaoh – Negative Everything
Genre: Hardcore, Sludge

Coffin Birth – Necrotic Liquefaction
Genre: Death grind

Yautja – Songs of Descent
Genre: Hardcore, Grindcore
Nashville DIY metal featuring members of Gnarwhal, Coliseum and Legion.

Whorls – Petrichor
Genre: Blackened metal, hardcore punk

Cowards – Rise to Infamy
Genre: Hardcore, sludge

Coffinworm – IV.I.VIII
Genre: Blackened doom, Sludge

Rebel Scum – Gradually, Everything is Rotting
Genre: Hardcore, Powerviolence

Dropout – Turn Away From The Light
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Crust

Failed States – Death
Genre : Hardcore punk

Derbe Lebowski – Broken Glass
Genre: Powerviolence