Genre: Power/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label :Arkeyn Steel Records

NASTY started back in 1990 rising from the growing Michigan Metal scene of the early 90s. From their very first original compositions, the band delivered a special mixture of Heavy / Power and even Speed Metal.

On 1994 they privately released their one and only debut full length album entitled “Society’s Knockin’”. 1000 CDs and 500 cassettes were pressed. Unfortunately, a very good amount of the pressed CDs was stolen from the drummer’s car after a live show, the rest of the copies were sold out very quickly and the album quickly became a serious rarity.

The name “Society’s Knockin’” had been chosen as the debut album’s title due to a very specific incident: There was a garage rehearsal going on during the night. The police knocked on the garage door four times, twice. This knocking is actually reflected on the very opening of the album’s title song which was written that very night.

The band made another release only on cassette format remaining on their crushing Heavy Metal style. The “Raw” EP was released on 1996 only on 200 copies. As you can imagine those copies were gone very quickly and as a result this particular release remained almost unknown even to people familiar with the band’s debut.

Arkeyn Steel Records combines those two out of print releases, on a a reissue, giving the chance to more people to check out this amazing example of Michigan Steel.

The music of NASTY is riff based, raw and Heavy. Still it carries a serious amount of melody. The lead guitar parts and the vocal lines are the top features on the band’s soundscape. Straight into the face Heavy Metal with lots of Power and even Speed Metal elements is what you going to listen in here.

Trying to bring into your mind the musical paths of old METAL CHURCH, the raw power of PREMONITION and the sharp sound of early HELSTAR and OLIVER MAGNUM. Combine all this good stuff and you will have the sound of NASTY.

The reissue package follows the Arkeyn Steel Records high standards. Two never before heard live bonus tracks are included, there is a huge booklet including lots of photos, the band’s complete biography, and of course the song lyrics. The original cover has been redesigned and upgraded setting up the overall basis of the release’s artwork. If you are familiar with the band’s sound then you know what to expect. If you are not, get ready for quite a good shock!