George Zacharopoulos or just “The Magus” announced the release of Necromantia’s last studio album, through the band’s facebook page:

“Dear all,
As I have stated months earlier, NECROMANTIA will make one more release: an ultimate final album as a tribute to our Baron Blood! The title will be: “To the Depths we Descend…” It will contain, 5 or 6 new songs and 2 re-recordings of our classics: “Lord of the Abyss” and “The Warlcok”. There will be several past members who will contribute along with friends of the band and Baron Blood. This will be our farewell and it is expected to be released late Spring 2021. The vinyl version will be released through Hell’s Fire Records. The CD version will be released through The Circle Music. More details will be revealed as we proceed…..
May the darkness be with you….”