Necronomicon- Pathfinder... Between Heaven And Hell

Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Trollzorn
Year: 2015

So, the kids are back! “Kids”… so to speak. That’s the new effort of heavy / thrashers Necronomicon; a band that’s active since 1984, if I’m not mistaken. Things haven’t changed much since the release of their previous record, “Invictus” 2012. 80’s speed metal is the case here, with many thrashy moments and somewhat modern and groovy parts (which sound modern due to the updated production work in this record), like in the rockin’ intro of “Under The Gun”. The band we have in hand will lure the fans of the genre (and especially the younger ones) into their crypt and grab them from their necks, with tracks like “Inside The Fire” or “We Are The League”.  The record in its entirety sounds good since there has been elaborate work done on the production process and the tracks’ compositions. The synthetic parts are more straight – forward and more difficult to digest. “Alone In The Dark” is an example of such structure, as it constantly changes its mood (if I may). So does “Out Of Hell”, which I think it’s the best track of the album. It’s a release worth listening to, as you will definitely find something that’ll stick with you.