Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: El Puerto Records
Year: 2021

“The Final Chapter” is the tenth album for German thrashers. I hope the title of the album does not imply anything about the future of the band. With previous “Unleashed Bastards”, they certified their upward course. With “The Final Chapter” they show that they still have something to offer. As far as the lineup concerns, Rik Charron and Glen Shannon are taking on drums and guitar respectively. Marco remains on the bass and mighty Freddy is the mastermind behind most of compositions. With half the band being replaced, you can tell throughout the album that there are new elements. I would risk by admitting that this is the most diverse album in band’s history of the band. They sound more technical, while detailed guitar solos make the difference. The album also has more melodic points. A typical example could be the introduction of “Burning the Fury”, which is on the verge of power metal. Do not get me wrong, all the changes took place via their own music prism and the band follows its purely thrash metal style. After all, Freedy’s voice, with its Schmier’s elements, is more that evident and reminds us that we still got their Teutonic thrash metal stamp. Their music has the brutality of the German thrash scene. In a total of 12 songs, there are tracks that stand out, but the overall flow of the album is still very smooth. Short duration of all compositions contribute in this. Necronomicon may not have that much of a fan base, but “The Final Chapter” will sure satisfy all fans of the genre.