Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Ablaze Productions
Year: 2014

Necrorgasm are back after 6 damn years since the release of the “Blissful Manslaughter” from 2008. “Cannibalism” was released in late 2014 and from the very first track they blow our minds away. Holy shit. They paly one of my favorite death metal styles. Those who are up to Cannibal Corpse shit should definitely check Necrorgasm. Old school death metal played the best way in this album. Very good guitars and nice solos ONLY in the right point on this album with a nice bulky production all over it. The bass is killer with a good combination of really nice drumming on this one. But personally speaking, the best part on this album for me, are the vocals. Killer vox followed by great screams where needed. This is real death metal. Also I have to notice that from the artwork of the album that is so sick you can understand how the band despises the human race… Eat the Rich please… I can’t say that I have a favorite song in this album, as I liked it too much in its entirety, so I can’t choose some as highlights. CHECK ‘IT OUT NOW!

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