Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Sepulchral Voice/Van Records
Year: 2014

Necros Christos were founded in 2001, somewhere at the pits of hell and ever since they are seeding their blasphemous, occult psalms through 5 demos, 4 splits, 1 ‘ep and 2 full length albums. With frontman and founder, guitarist/singer Mors Dalos Ra, they stay true to their sinister occult doom/death style, that has made them well known in the underground scene. The name of the band, in addition with the fact that they visit Greece, for live shows (2008, 2013), after the release of every full-length album, proves that they are quite enthusiastic towards our country (Greece).

After a few changes in the line-up, however, and adding a new drummer and bassist, the band is releasing a new ‘ep, as a pre-taste to their forthcoming LP, which will probably come by the name ‘Domedon Doxomedon’. The EP (which by the way is 40 minutes long) consists of two re-recorded old songs, in particular ‘Va Koram Do Rex Satan’, which was originally released in their first LP ‘Triune Impurity Rites’ and ‘Baptized in the Black Urine of the Deceased’, which can be found in the split with Teitanblood. Moreover, we have two new songs, ‘Black Bone Crucifix’ and ‘Nine Graves’, as well as five orchestral songs, four of which come by the name ‘Temple’ and one by the name ‘Grave’. This nomenclature is common within all their previous LP’s concerning all the atmospheric instrumental songs.

The re-recorded songs are typical of the pitch-black aesthetic of the band, while the new songs are trying to insert a more groovy feeling than their previous work, without denying their influences, meaning mainly Celtic Frost. The orchestral parts, placed between the songs, having strong influences from Arabic and Indian music, are not just fillers, but contribute a lot, as always, in the creation of the obscure atmosphere.

This release is a fair pre-taste for the followers of Necros Christos’ gloomy music, until the main course is served with their LP.