Genre: Hardcore/Crossover
Country: Sweden
Label:BDHW Records
Year: 2018

I was one of the guys that loved Negative Self’s debut. I totally digged their approaching and this Suicidal Tendencies worshipping that was something beyond just a tribute to Cyco. The songs were solid, not complicated, basically simple, straightforward, totally catchy crossover rock songs, with massive, ridiculously catchy anthems as choruses, a couple of classic rock leads and an urban street vibe. Now Control The Fear has also some brilliant tunes that serve as a potent reminder as to why we all fell so madly for these Swedes three years ago. But damn the problem with the sophomore album can be summed up that simply: the (10 brand new) songs are not that good as in their s/t album. You just can’t avoid the comparison that finds the first album as a winner. Does that make Control The Fear a loser? Or a weak album or one not worth buying? Absolutely not! The guitar work has been developed and the song structure has been even more focused and the lyric themes still have strong words that tackle with personal struggles, anger and depression of modern way of life. Their melancholic melody adds an extra personal element to the Suicidal Tendencies-like late 80’s crossover. While there have been many imitators in the recent past, even competent ones, there have been none significant enough to create a dent big enough as Dr.Living Dead! And Negative Self have. The new album might lack originality or is no better to its predecessor but trust me it is once again well-written and perfectly executed. I wish they can not only recreate this sound, but also to revive this style and make it relevant once again, almost 30 years later and notably, to an audience that’s still unaware of the original crossover legacy.