Reviews,2016,Black Metal, Nekrarchon, FDA Rekotz, Greece,2016

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: FDA Rekotz
Year: 2016

Nekrarchon is a Black Metal act from Athens, formed in 2014. To this day, the band has no other release than their first full length album “Gehinnam” which was released a few months back from FDA Recotz and it’s the one we will be dealing with today. Even though “Gehinnam” is Nekrarchon’s first effort, it reeks of the members’ trust toward their talent, as the overall result is actually pretty mature. Strong, solid compositions, based on ultra heavy riffing (on both guitars and bass) and extraordinary vocals. The guitar melodies are sick and impose an eerie / frightening atmosphere, like entering a demon’s den. Along with the fast riffs come some slow and torturing ones that add a more doomy character to the whole effort. The addition of some death metal qualities as well, i.e. the blasting drums, intensifies the aforementioned setting. As far as the vocals go, Archon brought Nergal in my mind. His vocals are deep and massive, like he’s roaring nihilistic and misanthropic anthems. Production – wise, I felt the mixing / mastering process didn’t allow Nekrarchon’s to pop, especially concerning the drums. They needed a bit of boost, in order to blend with the rest of the instruments. Something was missing. Hopefully, their next release will be more attentive towards this.

Overall, “Gehinnam” is a very good release and a very promising first taste of a band that will be flourishing in the future. No extravaganza, no polished attitudes; just raw, evil energy. Give it a shot!

Drums and arrangements were done by Fotis Benardo at Devasoundz Studios. The mixing and mastering process was handled by Dionisis Dimitrakos at Descend Studios. The illustrations and graphics are creations of Apostolis Polimeris.