Here we have some Blackend Crust: Νεκρή Πτέρυγα (Nekri Pteryga) is a new band from Thesaloniki, Greece and this their 4 track demo. Τhe name of the band literally means dead wing but the word Πτέρυγα also means a sector or part of a huge construction (building, prison, camp, etc) or something.

01:Νεκρική Σιωπή (Dead-like silence) 00:00
02:Προδότες του Λαού (Traitors of the people) 03:51
03:Ανθρώπινος Χυλός (Human pulp) 07:17
04:Περικυκλωμένος από μπόχα (surronder by stench) 11:32