US death/punk/thrash metallers Nekrofilth announced the release of their second full length album, entitled ‘Worm Ritual’, on December 28th via Hells Headbangers. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

Tracklisting for Nekrofilth’s Worm Ritual
1. Ready to Defile
2. Dead Brain
3. Rot With the Dead
4. Vomit Dog
5. Repulsed at Birth
6. Night of the Leech
7. Cruel Addiction
8. Feast of the Rats
9. Gutter Oil
10. Severed Eyes
11. They Took My Skin
12. Unbirthed
13. Worm Ritual
14. Poison [Venom cover]
15. Horror of the Crypt

The group now presents thew new song ‘Ready to Defile’: