Genre:Death/Thrash Metal/Hardcore Punk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year: 2018

Huge snare, vocals “tonight Carcass sing early Mille Petrozza”, Death Strike, Discharge, Onslaught, Celtic Frost, Repulsion without so much concrete in the guitars, many pounds of filth and venereal diseases sealed well in a plastic bag full of dirty athletic socks are the main ingredients of the new Nekrofilth album. Having about half a million splits and singles in their back catalogue, they released at the end of 2018 their second album with the title ‘Worm Ritual’. Disguised as musicians, these three lumberjacks promise to burn everything in their way with songs that are no longer than 3 minutes and titles like ‘Rot with the dead’, ‘Night of the leech’, ‘They took my skin’ (a hymn to waxing your feet) and other romantic stuff. There’s also a cover of Venom’s ‘Poison’ placed like a cherry in this shitcake these fine guys from Denver offer. If there was a way to go back to age of the cave, the club and the animal skin as a cloth, Nekrofilth would be superstars and would sold out whole plains. But in these days where extreme metal is represented by bands like Behemoth and other pissflaps, they don’t stand a chance. Either way we are on their side.