Genre: Death / Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Non Serviam Records
Year: 2015

Neolith is one of these complex bands that while doing everything right, it’s not something that will make you stick with them; although they fight it, but in a very wrong way, in my opinion. What I mean: The Poles formed in 1991 and have 3 full albums as their assets. The recent «Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki», is their fourth. In the first album, their style was quite melodic death, with guitars and keyboards that often resembled our own Nightfall. Later it turned into more death / black style, influenced perhaps by their successfully known compatriots. It seems that, after so many years, and being good players, they should do something different. So this came through a disturbing synthesizer which constantly appeared in all tracks contained in «Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki». While all instruments sound right, with sounds to the desired level of loudness, while all production is decent and ‘professional’, the structures of the songs are excellent and demonstrate the experience and quality of Neolith, here comes the wrong button that spoils everything. Maybe to some all that would seem original, innovative, etc., but to my ears it sounds out of mixing, out of composition; so pretentious that spoils me the whole picture of a really very good album. For those who like full house drumming, massive guitars, nice brutal vocals with clear articulation and classic groove riffs, Neolith and «Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki» is what suits you. As long as while you’ re listening to black / death tunes, your neighbor constantly adjusts the volume and listens to trance!