Genre: Hard Rock/AOR
Country: Sweden
Label:Nestor Prestor Music Group
Year: 2021

Nostalgia is a poisonous drink that can kill your future. I can’t remember if this is a famous quote of a goddam wise man or just a stupid phrase I just had a made up. But ‘Kids In A Ghost Town’, the debut full length from Swedish melodic hard rockers, Nestor is all about nostalgia. I first heard about these lunatics when friends of mine post a video of Nestor in his Facebook page.

And yes they got me by hello. As the album spins the air is filled with the characteristic melancholic touch, the arena rock vibe, the brilliant choruses, the AOR aesthetic, the silky vocal lines, the song along riffs, the harmonies, the retro feeling, the analog drum beats, the high in the final mix keyboards, the rumbling groove, the radio friendly structure and the melodic guitars that sound so familiar, so hedonistic and so 80’s that you just can’t avoid on falling in love with it!

I can hear the question: So do we have a serious Steel Panther to deal with? And yes the answer is what do you mean Steel Panther are not serious? On the other hand if the question is whether the album is homage to the 80’s hard rock or not then I can’t help you with any of my answers. Originality or the lack of it doesn’t mean a lot to me if the final result is so catchy and so well-crafted despite the fact that it is so shameless influenced by the band’s member’s heroes. Neither if Nestor is a normal or a so called parody band.

I read an interview of their singer Tobias Gustavsson answering on the band’s name and I don’t know if this can tell you if they are or not a parody group: “The name comes from Greek mythology and refers to an elder, a wise old man and all that, but us in the band are all big Tintin fans so the name is taken from Captain Haddock’s butler in the comic books, his name is Nestor and he’s a really cool character, haha!” 

I guess not taking yourself way too serious is a good sign, but Nestor’s brilliant songs are a better way to ensure that their music is worth trusting. As also their 30 years patience for their time, as Nestor was formed back in 1989 by a group of friends from a small Swedish town called Falkoping.

Check Nestor’s marvelous debut or least its highlights: Tomorrow’, with the guest of the ultimate sex symbol Samantha Fox, ‘1989’, On The Run’’, Stone Cold Eyes’, ‘Perfect 10 (Eyes Like Demi Moore).  ‘Kids In A Ghost Town’ is already out since the 22nd October.