Genre: Melodic black metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Eisenwald
Year: 2021

I really don’t know how to react from my joy today. I have the honor and the pleasure to have the new album by Netherbird, titled “Arete”. The truth is that I found out this band when they released their previous album, “Into the Vast Uncharted”. Since then, a relationship of passion began with this band and I don’t see it ending soon if ever. For those who don’t know the band, they were created in 2004 and so far they have presented us 6 full length albums including this one and 6 EPs. From their ranks, especially in the drummer position, they had many awesome and well known musicians, such as Adrian Erlandsson (The Haunted, At The Gates among others), Nils Fjellstrom aka Dominator (ex-Dark Funeral), until they recruited the amazing Fredrik Andersson (ex-Amon Amarth, A Canorous Quintet) who in my opinion is the best drummer they ever had. So, without further delays, let’s dive into it…

Arete, an 8 track album, spanning at almost 45 minutes (44:39 to be precise) and I really don’t know where to begin, but I have to begin from somewhere. Okay, let’s start by saying that the new album, is the last part of a trilogy which started with “The Grander Voyage”. In the new one, Arete, which as the press release states is the classic ideal of excellence, is analyzed throughout the album.

Let’s go to the production. I don’t have much to say. This album is so well played and recorded, that as much as I tried to find a flaw, because in theory nothing is perfect, I could not find a single one, because this album IS flawless and perfect. Playing wise, we have outbursts with Andersson’s famous blast beats, we have great melodies on the guitars, a nice atmosphere, acoustic guitars and everything is where it should be and detailed. Honestly I have no idea on what more should I write, expect that I was blown away since the moment I pressed play until the moment the album ended and I was trying to clean the walls of my brains.

The worshippers of the Scandinavian melodic black metal scene, run and get this album, like yesterday, especially the fans of Dissection, who as in their previous album, are a great influence. I will not rate it, as “Arete” is beyond rating. It goes to 11 without even trying (some of you are laughing with the reference I am sure). The only thing I can say, is a big thank you to Netherbird, for delivering one of the best albums for 2021.