Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Aftermath Music
Year: 2015

NettleCarrier were formed in 2004, but they released their debut self titled album just three years ago. I had ever heard of them, although well-known Norwegian musicians participate in the band, names like Dirge Rep (ex: Aura Noir, Gehenna, Gorgoroth, Nattefrost etc.) and Mannevond (ex: Carnifex, Urgehal etc). The «Black Coffin Rites» is the second album from these Norwegians and it made me get involved with them. It’s an album that looks like as if it was recorded in the early 90s. Classic Norwegian black metal, without surprises, fanfare, experimentation and innovation. When was the last time i listened to something like this from new (!) band…? Songs like “The Dawn Grew Pale with our Poisons” and “Bloodmoon”, revived by the best, most brutal clear and convincing way what started then, in the frozen north. Chaotic blasts, cold deep screams for voices, guitars like razors with celtic frost references in the riffs, and all this in a production wrap just the way it should be.

The «Black Coffin Rites» is an album worthy of every fan’s (of the old Norwegian black metal) interest and NettleCarrier is a band that seems to know very well what it does and how to do it.