The Doomsday Kingdom is the brand new project by Lief Edling. Once again the great bassist and composer explores Doom/Heavy Metal paths now using Wolf’s Niklas Stålvind -besides him- as a vocalist. “Never Machine Demo” 12″ EP is pressed in 333 copies and has a purple cover with silver print and artwork by Erik Rovanperä. 200 in black vinyl and 133 in purple vinyl. 250 of these will be sold; 150 black + 100 purple. Each copy is hand numbered by Leif Edling.

NEVER MACHINE is the first song written by Leif for TDK. It’s the same demo version as on the single (on single’s B’ side you can hear the track sung by Edling). Track 2 is THE SCEPTRE, about an ever going war between the red and the black queen. Track 3 is ZODIAC CITY, a song with more shifting atmosphere and great chorus singing by Niklas Stålvind. Track 4, THE WHISPERING, is a ghostlike ballad sung by Leif, featuring string/mellotron arrangement by Carl Westholm, and acoustic guitar played by Marcus Jidell.