This heavy/speed metal band from Athens announced the release of their forthcoming album “Bound by horror, sealed with blood”, which will be out on December 9th via Eat Metal Records. Cover artwork was created by Dimitar Nikolov, while mix and mastering was done by Nikos Papakostas.


The Night of the Wurdulak
2. Beast of Hades (feat. Nir Palikaras)
3. Witchkiller
4. Wendigo Screams (feat. Dimitris Kartaloglou)
5. Dawn of the Necromancer
6. Symphony of Horror
7. Blood on Satan’s Claw
8. Grim Reaper
9. Nocturnal Rite

The album will be available at the Into Battle Fest Vol 1

Demolition Train’s first full length “Unleash the Hordes” came out in 2015. Reviewed on Metal Invader here: Tracklist: