Genre: Metalcore
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2015

When I was asked to write this review, I immediately headed over to youtube for a little ”background check”. I opened “Insight “(4th track of the EP), I saw that the clip’s views were only a few and I thought I was fooled. In the 20th second of the clip, I started paying more attention, and just the middle of the song I was left dumbfounded. Out of nowhere, probably one of the best Greek metalcore bands, if not the best reached into my hands.

I started listening to the EP with studio headphones while studying the lyrics from the booklet at the same time. First track “Growing Storm” begins with a ”live show” character with guitar testing. And then chaos. None of them lets you have a calm moment. A merciless brutal voice with full attack, flawless and fast guitars and bass, with incredible techniques in the lead and a drummer who rapes his drum – kit without mercy. The production and mixing are literally first-class, while the lyrics, although they face few consistency issues, are full of emotion, both on brutal and clean vocals. The influences of Parkway Drive and August Burns Red are ridiculously obvious, something that not only I personally don’t mind, but actually pleased me incredibly. Nice surprises are some quotes from Al Pacino and Walter White tucked inside the songs, which oddly blend with the lyrics….

Although I am a fanatic of metalcore genre and in particular of Parkway Drive, I will be very objective with this surprise band, New World Disorder. The clean parts on vocals, although they weren’t bad, they didn’t impress me particularly. Perhaps it would be better if there were only brutal vocals, firstly because clean vocals in metalcore is a big stereotype now, and secondly Geo is doing incredible work in the brutal parts; more than enough. Also, the breakdowns with sharp guitars may have been more than needed (another stereotype of metalcore), while sometimes the songs are so predictable that you think that you wrote them yourself. In contrast, some other parts with clean vocals come so suddenly, you really feel like they don’t belong there. Also, the lyrics have some small mistakes in their English and because I’m a little ” grammar nazi ”, I disliked that. And my last complaint is the little ” blocked ” hi-hats. However, Prometheus is an incredible work of people who apparently can offer much more, but probably don’t have the means for that. They are many levels superior to any other Greek garbage band of the genre, who for some reason have a hundred times more fans (names won’t be said ….). In this style they are really the best band I’ve heard from Greece and would go to see them live without a second thought. That is, if they have in their plans a Greek tour.

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