Genre: Folk/Death Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2021

This time I will take you on a little bit of a somewhat pagan journey, with Nidhoeggr, which is a folk/death metal band, from Switzerland. They were formed in 2009 and until today they have given us 1 demo, 1 EP, several singles and 2 complete albums. So today we will see the 2nd album of the band, titled “Arise”. Let’s dive into it…

With a total duration of 54 minutes, we have a record with several influences from Haggard I dare to say. Not so much in the choirs and instruments Haggard are using, but in the style and atmosphere of the album and especially in the medieval melodies that are heard here and there in “Arise”. I can say that it is an almost happy death metal record, in the sense that it is in way, danceable and beer or mead can be consumed for sure while listening to it. The folk passages are similar with we have heard from other bands of the genre, played with keyboards and possibly with a harpsichord and if I am not mistaken, I have spotted the accordion somewhere, which does not seem strange to me, as the leaders of this scene in their country, Eluveitie, are using it constantly, so the influence was inevitable.

In terms of sound, we can listen to a nicely worked album, with clean production and without sounding all fake, which of course is a big plus for the album and for the band. In addition, the combination of the lyrics on the one hand talking about the Vikings and on the other hand about socio-political issues as mentioned in the press release, has made them stand out in the folk metal scene of Switzerland.

In short, it’s a very enjoyable record, and I really enjoyed listening to it and of course I’m glad I learned this band. I will definitely follow them in the future. All I will say is invest in them without fear.