Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2022

Night Cobra is a new band hailing from Houston Texas. Their debut LP entitled Dawn of the Serpent comes from High Roller Records and there is an impressive thing about it. All nine songs are new compositions and none of their first ever recording EP, the release that made them breakthrough from the underground and their name reach bigger audiences as also win a contract with High Roller. This factor shows an ambitious band and definitely with great self- confidence. Their sound is a mixture of retro rocking Heavy Metal flourished with NWOBHM elements and US Power influences. You can find similarities with mid 80’s Jag Panzer and early Saxon along with Helstar, Tokyo Blade, Angel Witch and cult heroes Desolation Angels. Guitars though would also remind you Mercyful Fate/Judas Priest. Melodic enough and full of energy these 9 songs certainly have the quality to win demanding old school worshippers and nostalgic lovers of 80’s glorious music. Highlights: “Lost in Time“ with the brilliant twin guitars the Blade Runner inspired Run the Blade and the Ling Diamond high pitched screams, the NWOBHM melodic hymn “For Those Who Walk the Night” and the dark Black Venom Dreams. The album is already out on cd and soon via LP via High Roller Records and its characteristic top notch quality prints.