Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label:  Steamhammer

Mykinda stuff. Nothing more to add. End of the review.

Hey ,don’t go away, I’m only screwing around. Ok, enough with the “me tryin’ hard to be funny”, let’s see what we got. Well, what we’re dealing here with is a band is really into the N.W.O.B.H.M. Yep, Night Demon deliver some classy, not that polished (yet with a fair dose of cool melodies) Heavy Metal. Influences? Well, the “crem de la crem” of the Brits is present. Diamond Head, Tank, early Iron Maiden are some of the bands that seem to get this Night Demon on its night prowl. The vocals of JurvisLeatherby are more than fitting. Dirty with persuading deliverance, “warm” and to the point. The guitar work is really cool. Nice twin leads in the Maiden style, firing rockin’ solos and riffs that come straight from the “street metal” school. The rhythm section is a pounder at its own ground. Nicely driven bass coming hand in hand with the solid drumming.

Songs? Well, at first hear I was really amazed by “Stranger in a room”. A really great atmospheric mid tempo opus that rudely invaded my 2017 metal playlist. Moving on, the chorus of “On Your Own” will make you really thirsty. I just can’t wait to hit the nearestbar, havebourbon and sing this one out loud.   “Darkness Remains” could be nominated as the bands “Free Man”. Another great tune with a soulful vocal performance. “Maiden Hell” is a tribute to Iron Maiden off course. Great music (REALLY great that is)but to be honest the lyrics made me laugh a bit but you can’t blame a bunch of folks for being “Maiden dudes”. Classic Queen’s “We Will Rock You” cover is really great, really nice guitar work. The rest of the songs are catchy as well making this record run flawlessly.

To sum up Ι strongly suggest you buy this stuff, skip the “listen to it first” part. Just buy it. You deserve some good music and there you have it. Night Demon rules.  I think that these guys will be “machine gun hot” on stage. Well done guys. Really well done.