Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2022

Night Demon is for sure one the best bands of their generation. Exquisite Heavy Metal imbued with all the values and diffusions of this music. In their concerts, they are playing with passion and power, such as a big group. Jarvis is a Heavy Metal icon and the key manager behind the reunion of Cirith Ungol. If i had to find a flow, that they aren’t consent in terms of releasing so often albums. Even this, however, they intend to correct. They start with the “Year of the Demon” and they continue in November with a full length release. “Year of the Demon” is a compilation that brings together the 5 singles that had released during the quarantine. They released in limited eddition 7” vinyls, resulting in sell out quickly. That’s why they put it all together in this compilation, so that those who did not have time could get them. “Night Demon” has 4 of their own songs and 6 covers. Their original compositions move in the familiar style of the band, with “Vysteria” standing out from the rest. Three of the covers are live versions. Two Scorpions songs with guest from Uli Jon Roth and the “Wasted Years” from Iron Maiden, a track that they are playing live very often. Ιn studio recordings, they are playing a different version of “The Sun Goes Down” from Thin Lizzy, “Fast Bikes” from LeGriffe and “100MPH” from Cirith Ungol with guest from Tim Baker. “Year of the Demon” is a very nice collection which honors the roots of Heavy Metal and shows the intention of Night Demon for the future. It is a good substitute as long as we wait for their new album in November.