Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: The Sign Records
Year: 2020

When Blue Öyster Cultmet Thin Lizzy in Swedish soil somewhere in 1982-83..,the final result can only be like this…rocking hard and riding free 70’s worshipping Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal. Night along with Flight, High Spirits, Black Trip, Hällas and why not, Night Flight Orchestra (in a definitely more 80’s AOR approaching) create a dynamic Hard Rock gang where we can hear our beloved 70’s-80’s music in modern interpretations, trying to revive the glorious days, not with a miserable nostalgic touch, but with a new, fresh look upon it.

Night are obsessed with 70’s rock sound (hear the Dire Straits – like “Crimson Past”, or the UFO-like “Here On My Own”), power chords, N.W.O.B.H.M. feeling, catchy choruses,  proto metal atmosphere (“Running Away” and “Burning Sky” a song in the veins of Scorpions and Uli Jon Roths era), analog production, the Saxon-like song writing, the 70’s Priest-like guitars (“Give Me To The Night”) and finally the 80’s fists pumping and sing along arena rock.

“High Tides-Distant Skies,” is their fourth studio album and is out almost a couple of months (it was released on September 11, 2020 via The Sign Records). The production from Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Tribulation, Honeymoon Disease, ISE) is perfect giving space to the band’s ideas to breathe and the songs to shine. The album is built upon rhythm and melodies, and Oskar Andersson now shares the position as lead vocalist with Sammy Ouirra, while Night enlisted drummer Linus Fritzson from Ambush in their line-up. “High Tides – Distant Skies” is full of memorable compositions, well-written and well-performed songs that stick to your mind and above all excellent melodies. I tried to imagine the songs in their live versions, as if they were been heard on stage, live. Unfortunately, I think that sometimes there’s a lack of high energy or something. Like something missing or what. If the band could add more intensity in their songs, this album would have been perfect. Still a great example of top notch Hard Rock.