Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Apostasy Records
Year: 2020

Germany’s Melodic Death Metal response (rather to answer or something) to  At The Gates, Night in Gales have returned with Dawnlight Garden, their seventh studio album that was released earlier this summer, on July 24 through Apostasy Records. Dawnlight Garden finds the band through a couple of lineup changes; original Vocalist Christian Müller left before the band recorded their 1997 debut Towards the Twilight, replaced by Björn Gooßes. While guitar duo and brothers Frank and Jens Basten, are still here and Tobias Bruchmann is on bass. Plus Adriano Ricci that was their drummer since 2003 and Müller returned to the band in 2016. This is their second album with him behind the mic and the band is living its golden era. Ok, nothing innovating you might think but their song writing is rather remarkable and this old school melodic death might be unique in its own peculiar way. I mean they have a personal sound, something very important indeed, especially for a band that can’t escape from being really close to the characteristics of genre’s it follows. Fortunately they haven’t cross the thin red line that distinguishes an honest -still generic- band to a real killer group that honors its roots, as Night In Gales truly are. All fans of At the Gates, early In Flames, or The Crown, know their name and trust Night in Gales. You can do the same…