Genre: Gothic/Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2021

Nightfall have been dominating the Hellenic extreme metal scene, even though they had been on a hiatus, up to last year. After eight whole years, and many changes through and within Nightfall are back, with “At Night We Prey”.

The entire records sums up the gothic/black metal feeling that was obvious on bands that ruled in Greece during the late 90’s. With that being said, since the very first moments, “At Night We Prey” brings memories of “Macabre Sunsets”, “Parade Into Centuries” and some latest endeavors like “Cassiopeia”, to be honest. We cannot but overcome the fact that there are tracks in there that bring in mind the early Septic Flesh albums, such as “Ophidian Wheel”. All of the tracks are crushing, probably more or less lengthy when it comes to choruses than others and definitely pay close attention to the vocal lines and the technical/melodic guitar moments. The Athenian’s return is something people had been wishing for and it finally came true in the most appropriate way possible. When it comes to the highlights, “Killing Moon” is by far the top fan-favorite, followed by “Wolves in the Head”. Last but not least, Nightfall are delivering a strong message through “At Night We Prey”. Please, pay closer attention to your people who might feel blue more than regularly, they need you. Listen to the album and read the lyrics carefully.

Thank you for the best moment of an already shitty 2021, Nightfall.