Country: Hellas
Year: 2019

Nighthawks is one of the first movies I watched from my favorite actor Sylvester Stallone, after I discovered him on Rocky movie series. So when I saw this moniker I had a positive predisposition about the band. A band that many editors we’re talking about from January and how cool and old school they sound. But it would turn into a failure all the good words or the predisposition, if their music wasn’t fascinating or at least a bit interesting. As the quarantine gave plenty of time to rethink some of our values, time or better saying how we shouldn’t meaningless waste it, is one of my main basic principles. And damn “Night of the Witch” wasn’t any kind of this. Flirting with US Thrash and Teutonic Speed Nighthawks deliver a killer album based on sharp riffs, hooky harmonies and catchy choruses. They are not reinventing the steel, as no one actually wants this nor need it after all, but these Athenians manage to write 11 proto-thrash meets heavy speed guitar driven songs with punchy drums, hooligan vocals and warm production. If you are a fan of Agent Steel, Exciter, Stormwitch, early Running Wild, Overkill “Feel The Fire” era and Helstar, you will find a crazy and charming album to invest your money. As Nighthawks are together under this name only since 2018, and were in Wolfchild back in 2015, that makes us believe that the best is yet to come for them, but until that time comes enjoy “Night of the Witch” and it’s speedy storm ! Highlights: “Wolfchild”, “Mind Masters”, “Night of the Witch”, “Skulls and Blades” and “The Life and Death of Damien Thorne”.