Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Despotz Records
Country: Sweden/Greece
Year: 2015

Hopefully we’ve reached at the sixth work of Marios Iliopoulos’ Nightrage who, after all these years, he doesn’t want to distant himself from the Swedish melodic death metal, staying faithful to what he loves and he does it with the same dedication, disposal and quality, offering another great album to us who also won’t distance ourselves from this genre.

We have Ronnie Nyman replacing Antony Hamalainen on vocal duties. Don’t expect to listen to any different shit. Deadly sharp riffs, sticky rhythms, pretty melodies and acoustic passages, insurmountable leads, rowdiness and the entire record covered by an aura from the past. Short length tracks with an almost complete lack of clean vocals (only in «Desperate Vows» to be precise). Thereon we meet some highly samples of the skill and the talent of the band in the titletrack or «With A Blade Of A Knife», «Endless Night», «Son Of Sorrow», «When Gold Turns To Rust», «Kiss Of A Sycophant ».

If you like In Flames during the «Clayman» era, in a little more extreme case and with a baboon death vocalist, then «The Puritan» is a must.