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Genre: Speed ​​/ Thrash
Country: Italy
Label: Iron Shield Records
Year: 2015

Badass Thrash / Speed. Do I have your attention? It’s from Italy. Now we are talking. Nightshock is the band we’re dealing with here. They’ve been active since 2013, though time was now ripe to release their first record. First and only (so far) release by the Italians, “Nightshock” is a full length album which bears as a title the name of the band.

“Nightshock” was released in the spring of 2015, in April to be more specific, through Iron Shield Records. It consists of nine pieces, two of which are an intro and an outro. In total, “Nightshock” doesn’t exceed half an hour. It’s a record that flows quickly, but despite that, it’s leave us with its taste.  It creates a primitive atmosphere. It brings to mind small bars in basements, whose windows overlook the sneakers or polished shoes of the passersby; filled with haze from the cigarette smoke and a combo-smell of whiskey and cheap nuts. This is “Nightshock”.

On a general level, the compositions of “Nightshock” include both fast and slow parts; the latter could easily belong to compositions by doom bands (and thus talking about Speed ​​/ Thrash / Doom (?) ). Guitars follow the Speed ​​Metal paths, but in many cases they have a punkish flavor. There’s variety, making the record more versatile and keeps our interest undiminished. A great feature of “Nightshock” is that the bass is audible and heavy. There are also mini bass solos, if I can use the term, scattered here and there (for example, check “Cemeterial City”). The vocals are expressive, passionate, dirty, very rough and at points, the truth is, that he reminded me of their compatriots, Children Of Technology. Drums aren’t that sophisticated, but what we hear is sufficiently good. What is generally missing from Nightshock is the peculiarity. Surely, I don’t expect to listen to something utterly pioneering in the year 2015 in the speed genre, but it would be good if Nightshock had their own distinctive sound. Well, the junction with the Doom element is good, but I’d like to hear something more than that. A little more imagination and a little more effort to create their personal style, will rocket them. On the positive side, add and decent production makes “Nightshock” be on the verge of a new and old sound.

If “Nightshock” falls into your hands, don’t let it go. It’s a good choice to spend your afternoon listening to something new. It flows pleasantly. Especially if it’s Friday or Saturday night, it sets the mood for some beer drinking.

Highlights: Nightshock, Faith And Dishonor, Nothing Will Remain