Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Release: December 2020

Nocte Obducta did not emerge suddenly, nor by chance, nor did they follow specific paths throughout their 25-year course. As in any album, so in “Irrlicht” I believe that Nocte Obducta reshapes and reintroduces a new face and a new character that is difficult to fit into molds. On their twelfth album (!), I have the impression that they tried to embrace their early selves and give us a fast forward glimpse of their careers so far. In general, the compositions of the pieces, in addition to their obvious Black Metal character, are grafted with several atmospheric elements, while “clues” of Hardcore Punk rhythms make their appearance, making the final result quite subversive. The rhythms, the alternations of the (quite theatrical) vocals and the multidimensional atmosphere that is built throughout the album may not be for everyone, but those who dedicate and listen without blinds on, I think they will approve. The album opens with the “Zurück im bizarren Theater” which acts as an introductory track that explains what’s to follow. With “Von Stürzen in Mondmeere” we realize that we are not dealing with a typical Black Metal release, since its several psychedelic points form a rather eerie atmosphere. At “Rot und Grau” our experience becomes even more ambient, almost spacey, if I may, with haunting sounds. Next, in “Der Greis und die Reiterin” we encounter the aforementioned “need” to perhaps return to their roots, with Hardcore Punk elements having a strong presence. Much straightforward track, which slightly dissolves the foggy landscape until the darkness and frost of “Der alte Traum” settles upon us, where guitars and bass have complete control over the flow of the track. In “Bei den Ruinen” I think Nocte Obducta are experimenting a bit with their sound, deviating from the hitherto melodic guitar track, by adding more hypnotic riffs and almost whispered vocals. This calm that has been introduced, continues in “Noch”, which completes the album as a ten-minute outro. Quite a “normal” and expected ending and an over outcome, as well. Nocte Obducta, have combined their most violent punk personality traits with the most progressive and atmospheric ones in a mix that at first may seem weird, but later one can make you a fan.