Genre: Thrash/Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Folter Records
Year: 2019

Before saying anything about Nocturnal Breed’s seventh studio album, please put the record into your stereo and go to youρ kitchen and open the drawer you keep the cutlery and pick the sharpest and longest knife you own. Then take a big piece of butter from your fridge and wait until it takes the temperature of the room. Then start stabbing the butter. Stop doin’ it and then just push play. Hearing the last record (and to be really honest any and every album from these lunatics) has the same emotional effect into you. It’s the same feeling like stabbing the warm butter with a sharp knife, but with main difference when music starts to play the butter is replaced by your worst enemy. Now that’s a brutal and primal instinct don’t you think? “We Only Came for the Violence” is one of the most sincere album titles I been seen for years and the motto of this band since 1996. Ridiculously fast, ridiculously sharp and ferocious riffs, excellent acrobatic solos and well performed thrash. It also has the proper duration in order to avoid being repetitive and fed up the listener with recurring elements. The lyrics are about satanism, war and against nazism, and that would be the ice in the cake that completes the perfect combo of marvelous music and smart lyrics.