Genre: Folk/Crust/Black Metal
Country: Iceland, Sweden
Label: Deutsche Bulvan Bolag
Year: 2018

Among the many, and quite good, releases of 2018, there is one that no matter how many times I have listened it I couldn’t feel nothing less than pure enthusiasm. I am talking about the Regnvm Animale / Norn split “Brinna / Brenna”. The core of both bands is, of course, blackened crust but there is much more in their music. Regnvm Animale from Sweden, who have been influenced by bands like Satyricon, Cortex and Accursed, are not a typical Swedish crust band. The don’t just combine black and crust, but they also have many folk elements, creating something that is, at least, interesting if not outright awesome. Norn from Iceland, on the other hand, may be a little bit more typical in their sound but they combine black and crust in such a great way that they can not even be considered a typical band. Raw rage and psychological darkness are the main feelings in both bands’ songs. Black metal riffs, brutal vocals and, of course, fast paced drums create an explosive sum. It’s probably one of the best splits I have ever listened to. One reason is the quality in sound and composition, the other is the combination of those two specific bands. While the listener can and will understand the differences in each band’s sound, there is such a “connection” between the bands that the release can only be listened as a whole. Of course, loyal to the diy way of thinking, the album can be downloaded for free from both bands’ bandcamp pages. Thus, fans of the genre, have no excuse for not listening to it. After all the result is so good that they should have already listened to it.