No Remorse records 2020

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2020

Northwind’s new album title sounds to my ears experiential. Their 2 first albums were actually historical for Hellenic Metal scene. Their third attempt should have been released originally in 1992, something that never happened, so we had to wait 28 years in order to hold it in our hands.

In fact, in order to make an informal connection with its glorious past, the band completed the recordings of the album, in the same studio that recorded “Mythology”. On the other hand, of course, every creation bears the stamp of its artists and its era. In this light, you can assume that Northwind is an old band that brings its concerns to present time. Whether they can appeal to a new generation of fans is something that I don’t know, but hat I do know is that many old school fans will appreciate this creation. In strictly musical terms, “History” has equally doses of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

There is a strong epic feeling that gives an uplifting character to the compositions, while their lyricism has something from the magic of Warlord. From the beginning, the band filtered the sound of the 70’s gigantic bands of both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. This is also exactly what is happening here, but there is also the strong presence of the band’s personality in each one of the 10 album compositions.

In the field of lyrics, ancient Greek history has its honor, something that ties in perfectly, especially in the most epic moments, such as “King Alexander the Third” and “Marathon March”. Northwind is a big “What If” of Greek metal scene, but at this stage I would rather enjoy “History” than worry. When you have an appointment with history, there is no room for any rating …