Genre: Death Metal/Thrash
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hells Headbangers
Year: 2021

Nunslaughter return with a new studio album, 7 years after “Angelic Dread”. Of course most would expect another EP, a split, a compilation or even a live album from the (now) Cleveland finest, since the band has released so many of the aforementioned ones and needed only one hand to count their full lengths before  the new album, as “Red is the Color of Ripping Death” is their number 6 record. This is also the first without their legendary drummer Jim Sadist (died in 2015 and let me remind you that even before his loss when Jim was ill, put the band on hold for almost 2 years), and some of the 14 songs featured here are actually unfinished material that Jim and founding front man Don of the Dead wrote years ago. You can’t expect something less than a pure manifesto of violence, blasphemy, hate and Anti-Christianity from Nunslaughter.

The riffs, the blast beats, the grimy vocals, the ferocity, the Death-Thrashing straight-forward attack, their sound’s base is here announcing their revenge. Lasting almost 35 minutes the 14 tracks have an 80’s essence with morbid riffs ripping your ears, no experimentation, fringe paths, slower tempos and progressive elements. Raw, full of energy and born to shake your necks, Nunslaughter are making (once again) their fans proud for their loyalty to their barbaric principles, the old school feeling, the stability and the “stubborn” approaching. “Red is the Color of Ripping Death” is an almost excellent comeback. Highlights: “To A Whore”, “Red is the Color of Ripping Death”, “Annihilate the Kingdom of God”, “Black Cat Hanging” and “Below the Cloven Hoof”.

Jim Sadist must be so proud for his brothers…The album will be out via Hells Headbangers on August 27th.