Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2017

The legendary band from Florida are on their tenth album, which is self titled, and comes three years after the enjoyable “Inked in Blood” and only one year after the respectful “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” EP. How does “Obituary” really sound? Honestly, this is their best release since ‘Frozen in Time”. The addition of Kenny Andrews has given the band a blessed wind of change and the band sounds poisonous and threatening again; if ‘Inked in Blood’ was just the opening scene for the newcomer, ”Obituary” is his establishment.

Ten tracks of short length (only two songs are over 4 minutes long), evil, groovy, well-written and straight to the point. Tardy brothers do a great job in vocals and drums respectively, both sectors being trademarks for the band’s music. Rhythm guitars are solid like iceberg, guitar leads are awesome and Terry Butler does his best with the bass lines (you can check ”Betrayed”). Sound production is cool with drums sounding upfront, and the artwork (by death metal master Andreas Marshall) is minimal and amazing at the same time. Looking for highlights, the opening track-thunder ”Brave”, ‘Sentence Day’ with the great “melodic” lead, “End it Now” and “Betrayed” (my personal favorite) should be mentioned.

We should not expect a new ”Cause of Death” (we would be fools to do so), but ”Obituary” is a very good album, borrowing and not copying from the best elements of “World Demise”, ”Back from the Dead” and “Frozen in Time”; it is miles away from the mediocrity of “Xecutioner’s Return” and “Darkest Day”, and one grade higher compared to “Inked in Blood”.

Obituary is one of my favorite bands. Personally speaking, I believe you should be strict with your favorite bands, as you normally have high expectations. Obituary have definitely reached my expectations, and the more I listen to the new album, the more I enjoy it! Come to Greece immediately again!