Genre: Speed/Black/Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Critical Mass Recordings
Year: 2017

I love watching bands mature, it makes me happy. I like seeing them putting speed aside and focusing on melody. I like that time is the necessary path through which the establishment of the name, of the whole course and mostly the artistic fulfilment of the band takes place. Seriousness, constitution and reclaim of this unique faculty of a developed thing or person and in this case, of the band itself. Six years after the raw “The Eternal Void” that introduced the Swedes in a wider audience, comes the worthy and mature successor… Hey, what the fuck are you talking about? Did we lose it for good? Since when are we calling castration maturity? Forget that bullshit. Raw, blunt, unpolished, “Disturbing The Graves” is kicking asses with its 12 great songs. Despair and rage in the vocals, the drums are an attack in your faces, razorblade guitars for disturbed fans that were raised with Venom, Metallica, Discharge, G.B.H., Accused, primal Slayer and American hardcore. The sound is analogue and natural having as a great advantage the blast of adrenaline that comes with every riff, in every beat, in every spin of one of the 400 vinyls that this dark epic was cut in. The lyrics are, as usual, all about death, gore, satan, sex, magic, sci-fi and the cover is black and white in the same concept. It was out in May 2017, yes, we are a bit late, but it is time to buy it!!! ‘Speed Metal’, ‘Quartered & Swallowed’ (Metallica to the bone, but it kills), ‘Disturbing the Graves’ , ‘Place of a Thousand Deaths’ and ‘Sucking the Devil’ are the songs that stand out.